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GET LAMP: Dan Ravipinto

Published October 26, 2006

Dan Ravipinto was one of the interviews conducted in Philadelphia in a single night, where readings and presentations were made and then I got a chance to interview some of the authors right there. This including Dan Ravipinto, also known as Peccable. The interview is short because I had to do so many in a very short time, with a notably loud party in the other room (especially on these non-modified soundtracks).

He'd made two interactive fiction works up to this point, "Tapestry" and "Slouching towards Bedlam". In the second case, he'd made it collaborating with an author named Star Foster, and they'd won a bunch of awards for it a few years before. I wanted to interview each of them about collaborating with the other, so I interviewed him asking lots of questions about the collaboration process.

Sadly, it was not to be - Star Foster died of a sudden blood clot a very short time later, weeks before our scheduled interview. I dedicated GET LAMP to her.

Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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